How to apply for enrollment in the profile

Rysensteen: A school with an international profile

Since 2012 Rysensteen Gymnasium has worked in a determined manner in order to build an international profile through our Global Citizenship Programme. The purpose of the programme is to strengthen the students’ international and intercultural competences. All of the students at Rysensteen are a part of this programme and all of the subjects contribute to this.

Based on the Global Citizenship Programme, Rysensteen is approved by The Capital Region of Denmark as a profile school and can enroll students with specific international and intercultural competences - regardless of the applicable legislation of enrollment.

This is how you apply for enrollment:

  • Read about the criterias for enrollment and download the application forms here
  • Fill out the application form(s) and compile other relevant documentation
  • Apply on
  • Remember to note Rysensteen Gymnasium as your 1st priority
  • Mark “Med forrang”
  • Attach the application form(s) and other relevant documentation

If the application should be turned down it will automatically be transferred to the pool of other 1st priority applications and will be processed through the applicable legislation of enrollment.

Applicants through the profile will not receive a particular answer on their application, but will be informed as the other enrolled students receive a letter of enrollment through e-boks.