Global Citizenship Day

Every year in October Rysensteen Gymansium hosts a Global Citizenship Day. All our students come together in DGI Byen to listen and ask questions to former Danish ministers on the subject of global citizenship. Also videos produced by our students on their exchange trips to all our partner schools are shown and academic experts comment on their subjects.

Excerpt from Headmaster, Gitte Transbøl's, welcome speech (October, 2014)  

"Exactly 3 years ago we started working on the international profile that we call Global Citizenship Programme. We didn´t invent something new. We just built on the values and the visions that were formulated by all students and employees in 2007. But we did sharpen the international and global perspective by planning that all classes should have a partner school somewhere in the world and through the collaboration with this school and immersion in the specific area in which the school were situated should attain greater knowledge and understanding for what it is to be a global citizen.

Now 3 years after the first thoughts about Global Citizenship Programme were written down, we have with us 10 senior classes who have all completed the entire programme. You have all worked with different perspectives throughout the programme and that have deepened your understanding of the conditions of life and understandings of life that are at the root of the different cultures you have visited."